[pmwiki-users] Wanted: Code highlighter that works with Wiki Publisher

Nils Knappmeier nk at knappi.org
Sat Sep 23 11:33:15 CDT 2006

> 3.  Create a new source-code beautifier in PHP that can go
>     straight to wiki markup or something that WikiPublisher
>     understands.  As evidenced by the amount of work that
>     goes into packages by GeSHi and beautifier, I think I can
>     safely say this would be a huge amount of work with a
>     limited audience.
If it helps: WikiPublisher uses LaTeX to create PDF, right?
There is a latex package called "listings" that can be used
to insert source code directly into LaTeX. I don't know, if it
can beautify PHP code, but it has many options to adapt the
look of the code supports many languages (including
Fortran and Cobol, I think), and I am pretty sure you can
customize it for unsupported languages as well, IF you know

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