[pmwiki-users] FAST Data--v2.2 Full templating

The Editor editor at fast.st
Fri Sep 22 21:34:40 CDT 2006

Was so inspired by Nils beautiful ADL recipe, couldn't resist
revamping the way FAST Data did logging, emailing, and even page
creation, to use his templating scheme throughout--giving FAST Data
incredible new flexibility.

Also rewrote the recipe to use a more flexible $DataKey system which
allow data forms to be set to things like Forum- or Blog- and not just
Data-.  In fact you can change DataKey midstream at any time using
within a form. Or set it in a local config file if you want.

Note: the recipe is not getting longer, just much, much smarter.  My
goal is maximum flexibility without locking into specific
applications--leaving those for forms snippets.  Soon setting up a
forum or blog or small mailing list will be as simple us cutting and
pasting some wiki code. On my home site I have a full instant
messaging system built on ONE groupfooter page. (And another little
form that pops up and tells how many messages they have when they log

FAST Data now:

Saves and retrieves data easily like a database.
Has full logging capabilities for forum or blog comments, etc.
Full email capabilities, including updatable mail lists.
Dynamic wiki page creation, based on form inputs (& page deletion).
Powerful CMS and member authentication features.
Required fields processing.  Internal messaging capabilities.
Upload capabilities based on PmWiki's built in features.
Numbered threads, counting functions, random numbers.
Full timestamping with time formatting functions.
Conditionals, field replacement, multi-step form actions.

I have not fully tested everything (getting to be too many features,
too many possibilities) but it seems to all be working.  There were
several out there asking for some of these changes--so I wanted to
upload it for those interested in trying things out.


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