[pmwiki-users] Relative includes, take #2

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at pobox.com
Sat Sep 23 09:34:45 CDT 2006

Okay, I've re-enabled relative includes on pmwiki.org, and
fixed the (simple) problem that was causing the pagelist
templates and author links to stop functioning.

I've also switched from '.' to '*' to indicate "the currently
browsed page".  Thus, an author now uses {*$FullName} to obtain
the full name of the currently browsed page.  This leaves {$FullName}
to be the name of the page containing the {$FullName} markup.

In particular, pages containing links such as {$FullName}?action=...
will need to be updated to use {*$FullName}?action=... instead.

If anyone notices any problems or difficulties on pmwiki.org,
please let me know!

(I know that this directly affects the Triad, Gemini, and FixFlow
skins -- I'm not sure what to do about those.)


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