[pmwiki-users] Newsletter management

Crisses crisses at kinhost.org
Sat Sep 23 07:29:19 CDT 2006

On Sep 23, 2006, at 5:36 AM, kjettil wrote:

> I want to
> 1 - regularly create text newsletters, e.g once a month, as PmWiki  
> pages
> [browseable in "member" group]
> 2 - email these to a mailing list ("members"), maintained as a PmWiki
> page (by an Author) [pw protected]
> but can't see there's a solution for this on pmwiki.org.
> Anybody has a solution? Candidate PITS item?

There are a LOT of issues when emailing people HTML pages.  here's a  

1) there's no email program that's fully compatible with all features  
available on web browsers
2) exceptionally inconsistent support for css across mail clients
(In the US you need a CANSPAM compliant unsubscribe footer & or your  
legal mailing address -- not sure about France!  Check your country's  
Spam policies!)

That said, I wouldn't make this a PITS item.  What you need is either  
to be a brave programmer, find someone with similar interest who is a  
programmer, beg, or hire someone.

It's a terrific idea.  I'm trying to think 1) how I would do it 2)  
whether I'm interested in doing it 3) whether I have the time to do it.

I want to tackle the shopping cart issue.  So that means I have less  
time for considering emailing a wikipage.  But I am interested in how  
it would/could be done and certainly available if anyone is  
interested in writing a recipe for it...

I have an idea --

IF -- big if -- someone could grab a target page's output and stick  
it into an $output variable....from a different page --   Patrick??

If so, you could use the new FASTData recipe to grab the variable and  
toss the information into an email....??  Caveman will have to talk  
about that I think.

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