[pmwiki-users] Wanted: Code highlighter that works with Wiki Publisher

Joshua J. Kugler joshua at eeinternet.com
Fri Sep 22 20:43:26 CDT 2006

After trying Beautifier and SourceBlock, I have found that neither one of them 
will work with WikiPublisher.  "Not working" in this case means the entire 
block of nicely highlighted code gets completely thrown out, and is not part 
of the PDF produced.  I really like the output of WikiPublisher, and *really* 
like the output of SourceBlock (complete with links to the functions' docs.  
See http://wikiserver.eeinternet.com/Main/WikiPublisherBeautiferGlitches)

Does anyone have a Syntax highlighter that will produce output compatible with 
WikiPublisher?  Anyone willing to write one?  Is the author of SourceBlock 
willing to do some work that will enable WikiPublisher to accept its output 
and produce nicely highlighted code in a PDF?



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