[pmwiki-users] skin info wanted

JB jbit at ev1.net
Fri Sep 22 18:18:51 CDT 2006

> Each skin typically has one or more of 
> the following kinds of files:
>    * A template file...
>    * CSS files...
>    * Image files...
>    * PHP files...
>    * Documentation files...

The SkinLibDirs array "key" says where the 
"skin .tmpl file" is located and the 
SkinLibDirs array "value" says where the 
"skin css file" is located.

How does PMWiki determine the skin .tmpl 
file's filename to use?  Will it take 

Should there be only 1 skin .tmpl file 
in each skin directory?

Image files like the css files must be
publicly accessible.  Would it be good
to put them into the same directory as the 
css file(s)?

Does PMWiki need to know anything about 
the documentation files, or are they 
intended for an administrator?

How does PMWiki determine where to get 
PHP files from?

> There's an additional markup: 
>     <!--function:func param1 param2 
> It will call the PHP function func

Where is the php function called "func"?  I 
cannot find it anywhere.

It is better to say:

    SkinLibDirs allows you to keep some skin 
    files private while putting only required
    files into publicly accessible areas (like 
    css and image files). The array "key" says 
    where a skin's private files are located 
    and the array "value" says where a skin's 
    files that must be publicly accessible are 

Does PMWiki first search for skin files in the 
private area and then the public area and take 
whichever comes first?

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