[pmwiki-users] Troubles with Titles

The Editor editor at fast.st
Fri Sep 22 16:26:45 CDT 2006

I'm working on a tricky little page titles problem and can't seem to
get it to work right.  I'm wondering exactly when/how titles are set
for a page.

In FAST Data if someone sets a field equal to "title", that data is
stored on a datapage and can be retrieved using lines like the
following.  The third line is just there to test if it is set:

(:title {$title}:)

When I browse the page the page name shows up, not the field value I
want.  Interestingly enough, if I edit the page and resave, it resets
the title to the content of my title field--so it's not an order of
processing problem (ie title before page variables). Is there some
other way to set the title without having to open and save?  Maybe a
trigger that can be called somehow?


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