[pmwiki-users] 2.2 Series & Blog/comments

The Editor editor at fast.st
Fri Sep 22 11:39:24 CDT 2006

I tend to agree with Ben actually that we should try and limit changes
to core to those which expand general functionalities to recipe
authors, rather than settling on specific application of those
functionalities.  It's still not clear in my mind what the proposed
blogging/commenting features add that are not currently available in
recipes. For example in FAST Data I already have fully threaded
commenting, etc., for blogs, forums--with emailing.

BUT--I can't easily prepopulate select boxes, radio boxes, etc with
retrieved values because of limitations in core. (Unless I hack my own
markups, which I've done some of). Also, I can't retrieve data values
into pagelists because of limitations in core.  These aspects of 2.2
will be great additions. So if things like blogs and comments could be
released as recipes, I think that would be better.  If there are new
"features" being added to core in these areas that cannot be done now,
then core should upgrades the features, and still releases the
specific uses of them as recipes. (Even if core upgrades deprecate
features of existing recipes.  I'm already thinking of simplifications
FAST Data will need to/be able to implement).

The thing I like most about PmWiki is the flexibility and
extensibility of it, thanks to a well-designed core engine.  Or like
Martin put it once:  power, power, power!  Building recipe-like
applications right into core seems to me to actually constrict
PmWiki's development as the default approaches will quickly kill off
the creative development of any "competing" recipes. It might be
better to preserve the free marketplace of recipes as far as possible,
in applications like blogging and commenting, and let the best recipes
rise to the top.

That said, a good place to compare/contrast, and showcase the best
applications is Pm Magazine.


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