[pmwiki-users] FAST Data 2.1 out. Maillists. Dead bug.

The Editor editor at fast.st
Thu Sep 21 23:50:32 CDT 2006

While enjoying this happy occasion of hearing Pm's thrilling plans for
PmWiki, wanted to mention I just released 2.1 of FAST Data minutes
ago, which finally solved the perplexing line break problem.

I also decided to go ahead and throw in a couple new features.  One a
way to send/override messages back to the page directly from within
the form.  Hey, why not?.  And second, options for sending emails to
multiple recipients (one at a time), either by comma separating them
in the form field, or by retrieving a list of emails from a wiki page
(easily generated as a log).  It also allows a copy to be sent to self

Since I can't get php on my home pc to send emails properly, this
feature has not been fully tested, but it seems to be sending out the
right output.  I am not sure exactly what I want to do with these new
mini-mail list capabilities, or how to deal with add/drops--probably
need some kind of system for creating these lists dynamically--but
it's here in a rudimentary form if someone wants to play with it.

I also thought about adding specialized functions for email
verification, ban lists, approved poster lists, etc., but after some
thought realized these could all be done readily with the existing
capabilities in FAST Data (and PmWiki).  So my feature list is clear
for the time being.  Which means, now I can go get some sleep!

May be able to get the new demo site up by the weekend--with code
snippets. If not, it'll be another week as I'll be out of state till


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