[pmwiki-users] sectionedit 2.1.0 released

Marc Cooper gmane at auxbuss.com
Thu Sep 21 04:27:29 CDT 2006

Karl Loncarek said...

> I found some bugs which were fixed (never happened to get them before).
> with this version edit links for sections are only shown when you have 
> "edit" rights by default. (Therefore version 2.1.0)


> Now it should not contain any bugs any more (at least I hope ;-) )

Have you fixed the following bug:

1. Edit section
2. Click "Save and Edit"
3. Click "Cancel"

This results in the whole page being deleted except for the section that 
was edited.

> What do you think does it make sense to also use a horizontal line as 
> marker for a new section (as currently done with "====")? Maybe 
> activateable with an option? Or does it get too coplicated then?

I definitely don't want this. But others might as an option.


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