[pmwiki-users] sectionedit 2.1.0 released

Karl Loncarek dh2mll at web.de
Thu Sep 21 03:01:14 CDT 2006


I found some bugs which were fixed (never happened to get them before).

with this version edit links for sections are only shown when you have 
"edit" rights by default. (Therefore version 2.1.0)

Now it should not contain any bugs any more (at least I hope ;-) )

Please test and report. Especially 
Your comments are highly apreciated.

What do you think does it make sense to also use a horizontal line as 
marker for a new section (as currently done with "====")? Maybe 
activateable with an option? Or does it get too coplicated then?

Karl (aka Klonk)

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