[pmwiki-users] MD5 checksums or version control (was: Re: Avoiding simultaneous edits)

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at pobox.com
Wed Sep 20 11:42:10 CDT 2006

On Wed, Sep 20, 2006 at 12:31:47PM -0400, Neil Herber wrote:
> At 2006-09-20  11:06 AM -0500, Patrick R. Michaud is rumored to have said:
> >Is this running on a Windows platform?  You may need to install
> >the recipe at http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/SimultaneousEdits
> >to enable merging since diff3 isn't present.
> Patrick
> Would it be possible to include some version control info inside 
> cookbook items such as phpmerge.php?

Is the purpose simply to see if an installed version matches
the latest version on pmwiki.org ?

I'm thinking about adding such a capability to the PmWiki.SiteAnalyzer
tool -- i.e., one can run the site analyzer and it will report back
on any out-of-date Cookbook recipes.  Of course, this wouldn't
help much for sites behind a firewall, as the site analyzer can't
reach them.

Another possibility would be to finally develop the recipe that
can be installed on a site locally to check for up-to-date recipes.
It would query pmwiki.org for the list of recipe date/time/md5's,
and compare that to whatever is installed locally.

And, perhaps we really need the extended Attach: markup, so
that someone can do something like:


to display an attachment's md5 hash.  Then we could have it as
an option to (:attachlist:) to get a list of all of the md5 checksums
for all of the attachments.

SOOOO many cool projects, so little time.  :-|


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