[pmwiki-users] shopping cart cookbook - oscommerce vs PmWiki

Sandy sandy at onebit.ca
Wed Sep 20 11:04:57 CDT 2006

When the dust clears, this would make a great article for the magazine!

Crisses wrote:
> On Sep 19, 2006, at 5:35 PM, Marc Cooper wrote:
>> Crisses said...
>>> (oscommerce vs PmWiki)
>>> Round 1: Fight!
>>> I had my first experience with oscommerce and MAN am I pissed.  I
>>> ranted about it in my blog if anyone is interested (and YES, it
>>> mentions PmWiki) at http://www.eclectictech.net/etblog/ (right now
>>> it's the 2nd entry since I put a delicious (food!) recipe in last
>>> night).
>> Shopping baskets - I deign to call them carts - are fairly easy in
>> PmWiki. I based one on the freely available wfcart class and it only
>> took a couple of hours, including checkout and sidebar "module".
>> Here's my checkout page.
>>   (:DisplayCheckout updatelabel='Update' :)
>>   (:if ! equal {$CartItemCount} "0" :) (:ClearCart:)
>> I do things this way:
>>   (:AddProduct prodcode=BLA price=45.67 desc='Blah product' label='Buy
>> BLA':)
>>   (:RemoveProduct prodcode=BLA label='Remove BLA' :)
>>   (:EditQuantity prodcode=BLA :)
>>   (:DisplayCart:)
>> Cart total: £{$CartTotal}
>> Cart items: {$CartItemCount}
>> Cart quantity: {$CartQuantity}
>> Kinda makes the equivalent in OScommerce, Joommla!, etc, look a little
>> over engineered :-o
> I'm more than willing to consider something such as WebForce Cart  
> (http://www.webforcecart.com/ for anyone who can't find it in  
> Google), but I'm pretty sure your example is leaving things out.  I  
> don't see how you're plugging WFCart into PmWiki in your snippets.
> If you could write up a full explanation of blending WFCart into  
> PmWiki as a Cookbook recipe, I'd greatly appreciate it (as would  
> others, I'm sure).  How do you handle coupons or discounts, product  
> options, etc?  How well does it handle various payment processors or  
> PayPal?  How do you deal with shipping info, customer names, shipping  
> prices, etc?  Or do you allow PayPal to handle something like that?
> Maybe it makes OSC etc. seem over-engineered, but there are options  
> that people take for granted in shopping carts and I don't see an  
> example of it in WFCart's example or in yours.
> I also see from the 1 page documentation that WFCart out of the box  
> requires you to write extensions to it for volume discounts and for  
> item options.  That doesn't mean we can't consider it, since it's GPL  
> and obviously simple to use from your example.
> Thanks,
> Crisses

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