[pmwiki-users] FAST Data 2.0 uploaded.

The Editor editor at fast.st
Tue Sep 19 11:54:21 CDT 2006

Hi all!

Thanks to a tip from Americo I was able to finish FAST Data 2.0, and
uploaded it earlier today.  Version 2.0 is a major revision to the
recipe with too many improvements to list here.  Essentially your
forms processing, can now be virtually programmatic:  multiple
actions, conditionals, field replacements, etc. You are welcome to
begin trying it out.

My apologies for the many changes the last few months in developing
this. It has grown beyond my initial expectations but now has
virtually all the features I can think of, and any future changes
should be primarily limited to bug squashing.  If there are new
features the goal will be to keep them downwardly compatible--as
personally I'm switching from development to implementation mode.

Below is a list of functions available in this recipe.  Documentation
and download can be found at
http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/FASTData.  I have not yet had time
to update the FAST Data demo site, or upload revised code snippets,
but will do so once my site is up and running.

Guys, this recipe works fantastic!!!  Thanks to everyone for their help!


PS.  I am thinking of a few new features...  Ban lists for posting?
Showing/hiding log entries by calendar dates?  hmmm.

page--allows for many shortcuts using fixpage	
nextpage--the page the browser is forwarded to
datapage--where the data/log is stored

title--Sets page title to value.
count--Allows you to count certain processes
random--Sets random numbers
timestamp--Sets timestamp.
*fmt--Change the format of a field (usually for timestamps, but extensible)

passdata--Passes fields as GET variables to the next page, where they
can be automatically retrieved with the (:data:) directive.
getdata--Retrieves data for without showing in a hidden form field.
savedata--Stores the specified fields in the datapage.

savelog--Creates a fully customizable log entry, append or prepend.
updatelog--Allows logs to be remove, update, or trimmed by date

delete--Deletes all data values, an entire log, or a whole page.
emaildata--Fully customizable email processing.
required--Easily set required fields, with optional pattern matching, etc.
upload--Allows for PmWiki uploads as part of a data form.
login--Powerful member authentication system--great for CMS uses.
makepage--Create pages with markup already embedded

if fields--Change field content based on conditions.
replace--Powerful string replacement feature.
go buttons--Do multiple actions based on button selection

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