[pmwiki-users] Variations on Commentbox and its variants

The Editor editor at fast.st
Wed Sep 20 10:46:35 CDT 2006


If you are interested in a slightly different approach, the new FAST
Data recipe allows comment boxes with all formatting control shifted
to actual form fields so you don't need to hack ANY pmwiki code to get
about anything you want.  Options one and two are both easy to do.

You could even have a pull down menu where you select the style you
want for each commentbox!  I'm a bit slow in getting all the
documentation up, but I'm working on it.  Want to get my own site up
and running, before I upload 2.0 to my farm cookbook--or I'll get
glitches on my production site.


On 9/20/06, Michael Gleicher <gleicher at cs.wisc.edu> wrote:
> I would like to have pages that allow for quick entry of new
> information. The Commentbox recipe (and CommentBoxStyled and CommentBox
> Plus) almost get me what I want. Unfortunately, my PHP skills aren't
> quite up to the point where I can hack it, so I could use a little guidance.
> Some of the simple things I'd like to do:
> 1) have a (:commentbox:) that has the same behavior as having the page
> named "Diary" (e.g. the way the formatted results look with only the
> date, ...)
> 2) have a (:commentbox:) that just creates a list item (so the entire
> formatting is "* comment text\n"
> 3) have a (:commentbox:) that asks for a 1-line title in addition to the
> text itself, and creates postings that are blog-like.
> I think that 1 and 2 simply involve changing the values of various
> strings, but I'm neither sure of how to set the values nor how to do
> this on a per-page basis. (different pages on the same Wiki do different
> things).
> I am thinking that this (definitely #3, but maybe just having a
> parameterized comment box to do #1 and #2) will involve at least some
> hacking of the commentboxplus recipe.
> I'd appreciate any advice on how to do this.  Even more basic things
> like how do I learn the basics of hacking inside of PMWiki (like, what
> does "SDV" do? - and where is it documented).
> Sorry if this is a newbie question, my PHP skills aren't quite up to
> understanding the code to the cookbook entries
> thanks!
> mike
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