[pmwiki-users] stand-alone PMwiki on PC, and Upload?

Tom Lederer celok at gmx.net
Wed Sep 20 02:45:59 CDT 2006

Hi jeb,

Am 20.09.2006 um 04:30 schrieb jeb eddy:

> Hi,
> Q)  Is Upload supposed to work on a local stand-alone XP system?

As far as i can tell, yes.

> I understand the  "attach:filename.ext" syntax.
> I put it in to a test Sandbox page, and out it comes, in identical  
> text.

Don't miss to try the PmWiki Sandbox to compare:

Now for the "Attach:". As you can read on http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/ 
PmWiki/Uploads the "attach:filename.ext" should become one of three  
A link to the named attachment
A link to a form whereby the author can specify a file to be uploaded  
and used as the new attachment
If the attachment is an image file such as .gif, .jpg, or .png, then  
it is displayed as an image.

In the case the file is not uploaded yet, it should become the  
second. Meaning, that there will be displayed a string on your  
webpage: "Attach:filename.ext" followed by a small triangle. If you  
click this link you will be presented a form where you can upload a  

To be sure you fully understand how this works, you can try it all  
out in the aforementioned Sandbox. There you can create an upload  
link and upload the file.

> The (:attachList:) is of course empty.
> I was hoping that   attach:   would bring up a browser window that
> would let me browse and select my  Cosmos01.jpg  (an amazing
> theoretical graphic of two black holes colliding).

The attachlist is empty at first, and is displayed (by default) under  
the upload form, which will be displayed to you if you click on the  
upload link (the link with the triangle). If you want to upload an  
image place attach:cosmos01.jpg, but be aware, that the link will be  
replaced by the image in the final page. To avoid this write  
[[attach:cosmos01.jpg]], then the page will contain a link to the  
image, rather than the actual image.

> I can read the doc page about UploadAdmin, but I can't translate the
> examples into my stand-alone system.

Make sure you read the ttp://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/PmWiki/Uploads page  

> I have not set  $UploadDir  or $UploadUrlFmt, expecting them to
> default to usable values.

That should work fine.
> In the context of a stand-alone PC, I particularly do not  
> understand this line:
> "Once the upload feature is enabled, users can access the upload form
> by adding "?action=upload" to the end of a normal PmWiki URL."

This means that there is a pmwiki action (in this case upload) that  
is triggered by adding the line to the url. This adding usually is  
done by links. On pmwiki.org there are 4 action on the standard skin  
in the upper right corner, just below the searchfield: edit, history,  
attach (which is the same as upload) and print. They relaod the  
current page, with the "?action=edit", "?action=diff (for history), "? 
action=upload" or "?action=print" added.

> Can someone offer specific steps?
> When I get running, I will happily contribute to the docs.

I hope that helps you getting started.

> Thanks,
> jjeb

P.S.: as you got an @mac address: try it on a mac. I can say that it  
works there :)



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