[pmwiki-users] stand-alone PMwiki on PC, and Upload?

jeb eddy jeb at mac.com
Tue Sep 19 21:30:44 CDT 2006


Q)  Is Upload supposed to work on a local stand-alone XP system?

I'm totally new with PMWiki.   Very cool system.  I've been reading 
the docs for several days, and many things are starting to fall into 

But Upload is not one of them.

I have looked at Archived email for the past two months.  Everything 
seems to be focused on external internet server-based systems.  In 
other words, I can find no specific examples of how to do Uploads 
entirely on my self-contained PC.

If there are some instructions somewhere, I'd love a URL.

I launch pmwikiserv.bat just fine, and connect to it with IE via 
http://localhost/pmwiki.  I'm having fun creating beginner pages 
under the Sandbox.

If it is supposed to work entirely locally, there are still several 
(hopefully simple setup) things I do not understand.

I have created a local/config.php file, and inside it I have edited 
(un-commented) two lines:

$EnableUpload = 1;        #and:
$DefaultPasswords['upload'] = crypt('upokok');

I have a couple of test jpg photos in the "MyPhotographs" folder on 
my hard drive that I would like to up-load, but...

Now I come to a total halt.

I understand the  "attach:filename.ext" syntax.

I put it in to a test Sandbox page, and out it comes, in identical text.

The (:attachList:) is of course empty.

I was hoping that   attach:   would bring up a browser window that 
would let me browse and select my  Cosmos01.jpg  (an amazing 
theoretical graphic of two black holes colliding).

I can read the doc page about UploadAdmin, but I can't translate the 
examples into my stand-alone system.

I have not set  $UploadDir  or $UploadUrlFmt, expecting them to 
default to usable values.

In the context of a stand-alone PC, I particularly do not understand this line:

"Once the upload feature is enabled, users can access the upload form 
by adding "?action=upload" to the end of a normal PmWiki URL."

Can someone offer specific steps?

When I get running, I will happily contribute to the docs.



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