[pmwiki-users] FAST Data storage question

Ralph Zeller ralph at zellercpa.com
Tue Sep 19 19:21:15 CDT 2006


I am interested in using the Data storage recipe, but I still can't get
it to store quote marks correctly.  Here are some examples of what
doesn't work right using the latest version (v2.0).

I updated the "Real Name" of the default user at

I changed the Real Name to (Guest") without the parenthesis.  The
header of the wiki page is littered with error messages.  If I change
the Real Name to ("Guest") without parens, again it breaks.  If I change
the Real Name to (\"Guest\") without the parens, it doesn't crash the
edit page, but it doesn't store and retrieve the value of the field

Sooner or later, someone is going to want to enter quote marks or other
special characters into a form.


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