[pmwiki-users] www makes it forget password

The Editor editor at fast.st
Mon Sep 18 19:19:24 CDT 2006

I'm not 100% sure the reason for this, but I do know your login status
is set as a session variable, and presumably the session data is saved
in connection with the URL.  So when you access the site using www it
can't find the existing session cookie, and thus thinks you are logged

The average user of course shouldn't be switching back and forth
between urls.  So it shouldn't be a problem.


On 9/18/06, JB <jbit at ev1.net> wrote:
> I type in the browser url box:
>     http://aplace.org/abc/?action=edit
> I click edit, PMWiki asks for my password
> I get to the editor.  Whenever I return to the url
> can go directly to the editor. It remembers my password.
> When I change the url by just adding "www" in front:
>     http://www.aplace.org/abc/?action=edit
> It asks for my password again.  It is the same
> website.  Why does it ask for my password again?
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