[pmwiki-users] SpellChecker on a Farm

Pico pmwiki at ben-amotz.com
Sat Sep 16 12:12:50 CDT 2006

JB wrote:
> Pico wrote:
>> I revised your edit to the documentation because there was no need to
>> provide different sets of include lines for farms and non-farms; all
>> installs can use the same line:
>> include_once("$FarmD/cookbook/spellchecker.php");
> I do not think that is right.  Sometimes a local wiki which uses farm
> recipes has one recipe that only it uses. The local wiki recipe can be 
> located in the local wiki cookbook directory.  Since the local wiki is 
> in a farm environment using "$FarmD" will cause it not to find the 
> local recipe.  This is also confusing to new users (like I was the 
> first few months I was using PMWiki.)
> So the example you explained above works for 
>     local wiki using local recipe(s)
> or 
>     local wiki using farm recipe(s)
> but will not work for 
>     local wiki using both local recipe(s) AND farm recipe(s)
> Please change it back.

I don't agree that this (and, for that matter, every other recipe) 
should have two different installation instructions for farm and 
non-farm installs just because someone with a farm might want to 
physically place the recipe in a field, instead of simply invoking it 
from the local field config.

Does anyone think that JB has the better approach here and, if so, 
should it be adopted for all recipes?



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