[pmwiki-users] SpellChecker on a Farm

JB jbit at ev1.net
Sat Sep 16 10:54:57 CDT 2006

Pico wrote:
> I revised your edit to the documentation because there was no need to
> provide different sets of include lines for farms and non-farms; all
> installs can use the same line:
> include_once("$FarmD/cookbook/spellchecker.php");

I do not think that is right.  Sometimes a local wiki which uses farm
recipes has one recipe that only it uses. The local wiki recipe can be 
located in the local wiki cookbook directory.  Since the local wiki is 
in a farm environment using "$FarmD" will cause it not to find the 
local recipe.  This is also confusing to new users (like I was the 
first few months I was using PMWiki.)

So the example you explained above works for 

    local wiki using local recipe(s)
    local wiki using farm recipe(s)

but will not work for 

    local wiki using both local recipe(s) AND farm recipe(s)

Please change it back.

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