[pmwiki-users] New easy gallery using pagelists, trails and a custom PageStore

Stefan Schimanski sts at 1stein.org
Sat Sep 16 04:22:55 CDT 2006


> I haven't yet fully succeeded in installing wikigallery.php. I can't seem to
> get phpThumbs config right.

was wondering if it makes sense to abstract the thumbnail script out
such that you can use any other one (I guess there are plenty of those
scripts, didn't look long and just took phpthumb). What exactly is your
problem with phpthumb? Here it was quite easy to set it up.

> However I found wikigallery.php revision 13 to be missing an "is_dir" check
> before line 113. 
> Without 
>  if ( !is_dir( $basePath . "/" . $path) )
>   {
>     return -1;
>   }
> open_dir will be called on every image in the group, causing an php error
> message. (At least in my setup)

Not sure if it is really necessary. But I added it as it cannot
harm. Update to the last version in subversion.

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