[pmwiki-users] New easy gallery using pagelists, trails and a custom PageStore

Jens Schiffler jens.schiffler at gmx.de
Fri Sep 15 16:59:50 CDT 2006

** Reply to message from Stefan Schimanski <sts at 1stein.org> on Fri, 15 Sep 2006
10:26:11 +0200

Hi Schimmi,

I haven't yet fully succeeded in installing wikigallery.php. I can't seem to
get phpThumbs config right.

However I found wikigallery.php revision 13 to be missing an "is_dir" check
before line 113. 


 if ( !is_dir( $basePath . "/" . $path) )
    return -1;

open_dir will be called on every image in the group, causing an php error
message. (At least in my setup)


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