[pmwiki-users] Editlink for each paragraph

pmwiki Besenreuther pmwiki at besenreuther.de
Fri Sep 15 17:48:36 CDT 2006


thanks for your answer.

>The returned value of {$FullName} is:
>1. "Test.IncludingPage" when viewing Test/IncludingPage and
>2. "Test.Included Page" when viewing Test/IncludedPage

Yes, that's what I mean. So the question is, if there is maybe
another variable that keeps the absolut pagename. This could
be used for the edit frase. Your example:
The returned value of {$FullNameAbsolute} is:
1. "Test.IncludingPage" when viewing Test/IncludedPage and
2. "Test.Included Page" when viewing Test/IncludedPage

Then you could use it in both ways like this:
which works like

Maybe there is a workaround to avoid editing the link on each page?
If not - it is ok.

Thanks for help.

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