[pmwiki-users] restore

JB jbit at ev1.net
Thu Sep 14 17:33:30 CDT 2006

> If you include the p switch in your p tar command, that preserves file
> permissions. Quite how this works for ordinary users I don't know, but
> it definitely works for root:
> tar -cvzpf myfile.tgz dir1
> tar -xvzpf myfile.tgz dir1

This is what I needed!  Thanks. 

I got my friendly neighborhood superuser to do 
this.  It worked.  It stinks that I cannot do 
this myself.

When I moved a farm I found that I could not edit some 
files. We had to change the owner everything but the 
wiki.d and the upload directorires.  Again the superuser
had todo this with

   cd (directory where files are located)
   find . -user currentownername  | xargs chown newownername

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