[pmwiki-users] restore

Ian Barton lists at manor-farm.org
Thu Sep 14 02:06:04 CDT 2006

If you include the p switch in your p tar command, that preserves file 
permissions. Quite how this works for ordinary users I don't know, but 
it definitely works for root:

tar -cvzpf myfile.tgz dir1
tar -xvzpf myfile.tgz dir1


JB wrote:
>>> What if I have a hundred wikis on a farm?
>>> Cannot restore also restore the ownership, etc
>>> of the wiki.d?
>> On a Unix/Linux system, if wiki.d/ was originally
>> owned by a different account, then superuser privileges
>> are needed to restore file ownerships.  (That's just the
>> way that Unix works -- only superuser can change or set
>> file ownerships.)

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