[pmwiki-users] TriadSkin - centering text for MSIE in

Stirling Westrup sti at pooq.com
Thu Sep 14 15:10:20 CDT 2006

> How can I get the middle part center aligned ?
> In  Site.PageTopMenu I have a line with (:selectlang:) and
> - in Firefox the country flags are center aligned
> - in MS IE6 are left aligned
> I tried to use (:div align=center:)  but that added a new line which I
> don't wish.

Center alignment is not a concept that HTML and CSS handle in a clean
manner. The best I've been able to find for a workaround in Triad, or any
other skin, is to use tables with explicit widths. Try changing your
Site.PageTopMenu to this:

(:table width=100% border=0:)
(:cell align=left width=33%:)
(:if member @allu:)
* [[{$DefaultGroup}|Home]]
(:if !member @allu:)
(:include Site.LinkToNotAllowed:)..
(:cell align=center:)
(:cell align=right width=33%:)
(:if member @allu:)
* %rel=nofollow accesskey=$[ak_edit]%[[{$Name}?action=edit | $[Edit] ]]
* %rel=nofollow accesskey=$[ak_history]%[[{$Name}?action=diff | $[History] ]]
* %accesskey=$[ak_recentchanges]%[[RecentChanges| $[Recent Changes] ]]

Hopefully, that will get you close.

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