[pmwiki-users] Check if page attr's have been set?

The Editor editor at fast.st
Thu Sep 14 07:37:46 CDT 2006

Is there any easy way to check in a wiki page if it has page
attributes set?  I'm setting up an admin bar that gives me all kinds
of information about the page I'm editing with buttons linked to
header, footer, attributes, etc.  Better yet, what those values are?

I use (:if exists {$Group}.Attributes:) to check for group attributes,
but want to tell if individual page attributes have been set.  Not
sure how without actually looking.

Seems I recall Pm putting up a pagelist or something that actually
retrieved the various permissions set on a page in a pagelist.  I've
tried to find it in the archives but can't track down the thread, or
the PmWiki link.  Maybe it's no longer up.  Any recall where that was
or how it was done?

Also it seems page variables like {$Group} don't work when you are
looking at a url like:

        http:// path /index.php?n=Group.Name?action=edit...

Is that the case?  And if so why.  Anyway to extract the Group
variable in particular on such a page?  Is it a bug?  Just curious.
It would make several things much easier to do.


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