[pmwiki-users] (:if exists group:)?

The Editor editor at fast.st
Wed Sep 13 23:44:02 CDT 2006

Hi all,

Can't sleep, so trying to work through a couple minor challenges in
FAST Data.  While I'm up, thought I'd ask if anyone knows how to set a
condition to tell if a group exists (ie, there are any pages at all in
a group)?

I have  $Conditions['exists'] = "PageExists(\$condparm)"; in my config
to check if a page exists and would like something similar for group
testing.  Also, I'm needing this in a recipe, not the markup.

Just came up with several more powerful features for FAST Data--turned
out to be extremely easy to code (not fully tested yet).  One allows
up to 10 submit buttons, each activating your choice of functions.
Another, adds a makepage function that allows you to automatically
generate groupheaders, and footers, etc., before browsing to a page in
that group.  Very powerful!  Also seem to have PmWiki uploads working
within FAST Data. Nearly everything is working beautifully! Still
under 400 lines (not counting comments).

Still have a couple quick questions though:

* Using WritePage automatically calls clearstatcache and updates the
page index, right? So I can delete all those related lines and flags?
* The author and title is set automatically with WritePage, assuming
the title directive is in the page content?

Still unresolved from former threads:

* Format for using PmWikiAuth (so can set password permissions)?   thread 31951
* Vanishing page variable problem I've posted several requests on (for
editing log entries)?   thread 31961


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