[pmwiki-users] moving skins out of public access

JB jbit at ev1.net
Wed Sep 13 15:06:03 CDT 2006

>     $SkinLibDirs = array(
>       '/var/www/home/stuff/farm/pub/skins' =>
>         '...url of /var/www/home/stuff/public_html/pub/skins...');

I think maybe the syntax of the above example is not correct in that 
both path lines need to have "/$Skin" at the end. Also I put mine 
in double quotes if that matters.

I think maybe it should be:

     $SkinLibDirs = array(
      "/var/www/home/stuff/farm/pub/skins/$Skin" =>

At least that is what works on my pmwiki.  I think the confusing and 
perhaps incorrect syntax which varies in the online documention
may cause confusion.  I would like an OK to update all related 
documention with this working  example.

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