[pmwiki-users] scripturl not showing up in pagevariables

The Editor editor at fast.st
Tue Sep 12 03:52:42 CDT 2006

I've been making good progress on updating the FAST Data recipe,
adding new features, switching over to WritePage, and fixing various
lines of code.  Anyway, I have one small perplexing problem.

I have a case which processes any form field ending in "page" to take
advantage of various shortcuts (with my FixPage function).  These
lines work almost perfectly:

if (substr($field, -4, 4) == "page") {
	if ($value != "") $_POST[$field] = FixPage($_POST[$field]);
	if ($field == "nextpage") $nextpage = $_POST[nextpage];
	if ($field == "datapage") $datapage = "Data-" . $_POST[datapage];
	if ($field == "linkpage") $_POST[linkpage] = "$ScriptUrl?n=$_POST[linkpage]";

In a test page using a nextpage, datapage and linkpage form fields, it
saves all three fields exactly as desired, but when the fields are
pulled in through the page variable, linkpage displays blank.  If I go
to the data page I can see it stored there exactly as I intended--even
clickable!  All three fields are set exactly the same way.

I'm wondering if anyone has any insight into the problem?  It seems my
lazyurl markup is adding markup or something to the link that prevents
it from being set as a page variable.  Not sure how to figure this one


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