[pmwiki-users] LDAP - the Never Ending Saga

Don Johnson don.johnson at gcsagents.com
Mon Sep 11 15:26:10 CDT 2006

We have in Active Directory an Attribute called sAMAccountName, which
corresponds to the network login account.

We will implement hard-coded security for now, but I would be glad to have
my team work with you on getting the AD components working as time permits.

Don Johnson
Technology Services VP
Global Contact Services, LLC
101 Martin Drive
Mt. Hope, WV  25880

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On Mon, Sep 11, 2006 at 04:03:03PM -0400, Don Johnson wrote:
>    Hi, we just d/l'ed PMWiki, and think it will be a fantastic addition to
>    our toolchest. We are setting up our wiki under Windows, and would like
>    use our Active Directory database to control access.
>    "Technology Services" group members (CN=Technology
>    Services,CN=Users,DC=GCSWV,DC=mygcs,DC=biz) - edit access;

At the moment PmWiki's ldap support doesn't really understand LDAP groups,
or spaces in usernames.  But this is probably something worth fixing,
especially if I have a concrete example to work from.

Is there, perhaps, another attribute that we could use besides CN to
identify people?

(Although I know a lot about LDAP, my knowledge of Active Directory is very
small, so bear with me on this one -- we may have to go through a few
iterations to get everything to work, but it'll be quite valuable and we can
document it well for others who come along


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