[pmwiki-users] LDAP - the Never Ending Saga

Don Johnson don.johnson at gcsagents.com
Mon Sep 11 15:03:03 CDT 2006

Hi, we just d/l'ed PMWiki, and think it will be a fantastic addition to our
toolchest. We are setting up our wiki under Windows, and would like to use
our Active Directory database to control access.

I have searched the forum (most notably in the August gzip), and am still
not sure how to make this thing work. What I would like to do is:
"Technology Services" group members (CN=Technology
Services,CN=Users,DC=GCSWV,DC=mygcs,DC=biz) - edit access;
"Information Technology Group" (CN=Information Technology
Group,CN=Users,DC=GCSWV,DC=mygcs,DC=biz) - read access
"Chris Williams" (CN=Chris Williams,CN=Users,DC=GCSWV,DC=mygcs,DC=biz) -
admin access
"Don Johnson" (CN=Don Johnson,CN=Users,DC=GCSWV,DC=mygcs,DC=biz) - admin

What I've got so far is :
$AuthUser['ldap'] =
    $AuthLDAPBindDN = '$$$$Prod';  # <--Is this the login, or the Common
name ("Production Monitor")
    $AuthLDAPBindPassword = '********';


But this does not work.we are too newbie to really get this.

Can someone tell me how to code this? 

Don Johnson
Technology Services VP
Global Contact Services, LLC
101 Martin Drive
Mt. Hope, WV  25880

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