[pmwiki-users] same content, different skins, different domains?

bram brambring bram.brambring at gmail.com
Sun Sep 10 10:51:30 CDT 2006

> 1) to create a wiki farm and use some sort of (:include:) statement to
> embed all the content of the first site in the second?  If so, how is
> this done?

> 2) to create two skins for the same wiki and somehow cause one of them
> to display when accessed via one domain name and the other to display
> when accessed via the other?  If so, how is this done?
> 3) some other method I haven't thought of?  Make the wiki.d directory a
>   symbolic link, perhaps?

I think one of both methods above would be fine I use both of them in
the pas, all depends a bit how the domains are organized. On the
server im' using each domain is a directory, and I replaced the
directory with a symlink.
In the config.php I used a switch on  '_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"]' to
specify different settings. This was in the pre-farm time of pmwiki.

Later I set up a farm and created a symlink for the wiki.d to solve
the same. Both worked fine.

> Thanks in advance!  --Ben
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