[pmwiki-users] same content, different skins, different domains?

Ben Stallings Ben at InterdependentWeb.com
Sun Sep 10 10:22:56 CDT 2006

Hi, folks.  Quick question: a client wants to display the same content 
on two sites with two separate domain names (hosted on the same server) 
but with different skins, logos, etc. and a different starting page.  Is 
my best option:

1) to create a wiki farm and use some sort of (:include:) statement to 
embed all the content of the first site in the second?  If so, how is 
this done?

2) to create two skins for the same wiki and somehow cause one of them 
to display when accessed via one domain name and the other to display 
when accessed via the other?  If so, how is this done?

3) some other method I haven't thought of?  Make the wiki.d directory a 
  symbolic link, perhaps?

Thanks in advance!  --Ben

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