[pmwiki-users] Linking to Lotus Notes

Albi Rebmann albi at cvmx.org
Sat Sep 9 17:13:23 CDT 2006

> Has anyone had the unfortunate need to link to a Lotus Notes database
> from a pmwiki page?
> I've tried 'http://server_name/not_the_real/database_name.nsf' but the
> database is not on a web server so the browser can't link to the Domino
> server.
> Have also tried 'Notes://server_name/not_the_real/database_name.nsf'
> which works from inside MS Office programs but pmwiki thinks I'm
> creating a new page called 'database_name.nsf'
> Have tried creating an entry ( Notes:        Notes://... ) on the
> InterMap page but it's not recognised as a link.
> Ideas/thoughts/work arounds anyone?

For skype I use:
callto   callto:
in localmap.txt
so it should be:
notes	notes:
that helps.


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