[pmwiki-users] Linking to Lotus Notes

elton.p.lester at transport.qld.gov.au elton.p.lester at transport.qld.gov.au
Thu Sep 7 20:51:41 CDT 2006


So my head obviously wasn't screwed on back-the-front yesterday...


maybe it's my dyslexia and those pesky '\' and '/'

Added Notes: Notes:// to Site.Intermap, created a link
[[Notes:server/folder/database.nsf]] and poof it works.

Hail to the man (and yeah for not having to back head on wall)  ; - )


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On Thu, Sep 07, 2006 at 03:23:55PM +1000,
elton.p.lester at transport.qld.gov.au wrote:
>    Have tried creating an entry (Notes:        Notes://...) on the
>    page but it's not recognised as a link.
>    Ideas/thoughts/work arounds anyone?

The Notes: InterMap entry should've been enough to get PmWiki to
recognize it as a link; I'm not sure what might have happened there.


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