[pmwiki-users] PData support for pagelisting images

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at pobox.com
Thu Sep 7 14:20:28 CDT 2006

On Thu, Sep 07, 2006 at 01:51:15PM -0500, Patrick R. Michaud wrote:
> So, how much pain would we cause by switching this around now?  
> If we fixed it so that {$Name} and [[link]] were always treated
> as being relative to the page in which they are written...
> we could introduce another form to refer to the currently

It occurs to me that I should clear up a potential 
concern/confusion of my message on the meanings of {$var}
and [[link]]...

Note that the majority of existing uses of {$var}, in page templates
and other pages, will still continue to work as before, even
if we switch the way that they're handled by (:include:).  In
a page template, {$var} would always be evaluated in the context
of the currently browsed page (as it is now), so this would continue
to work as before.

The same is true for page variables in PHP code evaluated using
the PageVar() and FmtPageName() recipes; these are already evaluated
in the context of a pagename argument passed to the function,
as opposed to the currently browsed page.

So, by proposing that {$var} in included pages is evaluated relative 
to the thing where it's written, we're only affecting those few 
instances where someone has used {$var} inside of some other page to 
explicitly refer to the currently browsed page.  The majority of 
existing uses of {$var} outside of included page would continue to 
work exactly as before, with no changes.



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