[pmwiki-users] read access password question

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Wed Sep 6 15:05:58 CDT 2006

Wednesday, September 6, 2006, 8:57:52 PM, Patrick wrote:

> Authorization groups allow an identity to be associated with
> a set of "groups".  For example, you could have groups like:

>     @edition1: alice, bob
>     @edition2: alice, carol
>     @edition3: alice, bob, carol

> and then alice's username and password would let her view all
> three editions, while bob's would only allow @edition1 and @edition3.

> The advantage to authors is that each author only needs a single
> username and password to access authorized pages, instead of needing
> a separate password for each edition.  The downside, of course,
> is needing to maintain separate username/password combinations.

Thanks for your explanation ( and what I just read on PmWiki.AuthUser)
The above could work, but is probably rather unwieldy, when you have
to deal with hundreds of people. To mail out each week one password
for all on the subscription list is easier, and leave it up to them to
use the right one for each week. Most people will want to read the
current edition and not any back editions anyway. And after a short
period the back editions can have an "archived" password set, which
anyone who had a subscription can use. Hmmm.

I recon we may just have half-yearly subscriptions for a standard time
period, first and second half of year, so that means only two
passwords per year. Then your password lets you view up to 26
editions, which is a good size also for a pagelist display.

Cookie settings for remembering a number of passwords are not too
useful I think. many people look at the web from a number of machines,
from all kinds of public or office places. Cheap fast internet access
from home is not yet widespread here. Going to the library to surf is
very common, or doing it from office, in and out of office hours.

Thanks again!


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