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pmwiki Besenreuther pmwiki at besenreuther.de
Wed Sep 6 01:28:46 CDT 2006

is my plan too complex or my description not understandable?
I think it sounds complicatet for you, but the Farm-Wiki is running well,
when I'm using users that are defined in farmconfig.php without Usergroups.

Only if I want to use Usergroups like: @proj1_ps_read: nancy, bart, me, etc ....
then there ist the need to define the groups in each Wiki Site.AuthUser extra. 
And it works only with the users that are also defined in the Site.AuthUser. 
If I use a user in a usergroup that is defined in Farmconfig.php I get
following error (same without farm-configuration):
Fatal error: [] operator not supported for strings in /srv/www/htdocs/pmwiki_/scripts/authuser.php on line 61

So, the first problem is:
- how can I use useres that are defined in config.php for usergroups definition in ...Site.Authuser?
  (would be great if it would also work with mysql- or ldap-users)

Second wish is:
- is it possible to get all the user and usergroup-definition into config.php? That it would be possible to manage 
  the WikiFarm with the Farmconfig.php
  (like this:
  $AuthUser['bart'] = crypt('bartspassword');
  $AuthGroup['proj1_ps_read'] = array('nancy','bart','me', ...);
Thanks for your investigation to untersand my ideas.

Greetings Udo

To use apache users and apache groups is not usable for me, because my provider doesn't allow me
to define my own groups and users. I would prefere the pretty fine concept of PmWiki to have all
the required definition in the file based systematic.

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Am 05.09.2006 um 00:58 pmwiki Besenreuther <pmwiki at besenreuther.de> schrieb:

>>> can anyone help me and give me a hint how I can define 
>>> usergroups within config.php or farmconfig.php?
>>However, I'm interested in adding one -- what would you want
>>it to look like?  In other words, what sort of thing would you
>>expect to be able to put in config.php or farmconfig.php to
>>make this work?
>I'll try to explain:
>I want to set up a Wiki-Farm with following strukture:
>- Farm-Wiki with all configuration
> - Project1-Wiki only with $WikiTitle and $CookiePrefix in config.php
> - Project2-Wiki only with $WikiTitle and $CookiePrefix in config.php
> - Project3-Wiki only with $WikiTitle and $CookiePrefix in config.php
> - Project4-Wiki only with $WikiTitle and $CookiePrefix in config.php
> - and so on
>In the project-wikis I will have the following chapter, structured in
>- User manual (public, maybe a group as editor)
>- FAQ / News / etc. (public, also maybe one group for editing)
>- Project specification (one group for reading and one for editing)
>- Operating manual (one group for reading and one for editin)
>The configuration runs, but only if I define all users and groups 
>in project1/Site.AuthUser. So there is no way to get the user
>managed on one place (e.q. formconfig.php, mysql, others)
>It doesn't work with users coming from farmconfig.php or mysql
>So I think it would be very eligible to define the users and groups
>in farmconfig.php, like this:
>$AuthUser['nancy'] = crypt('nancyspassword');
>$AuthUser['bart'] = crypt('bartspassword');
>$AuthGroup['proj1_ps_read'] = array('nancy','bart','me', ...);
>$AuthGroup['proj1_ps_edit'] = array('bart','me', ...);
>Then it would be possible to manage the page authorisation in a
>easy way by defining group authorisation in the file:
> ../project1/wiki.d/projectspecification.homepage
>I hope you got an idea what I am thinking about. Hope I could tell
>it in a way that you get the imagination about what's necessary.
>Thanks for help.
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