[pmwiki-users] defining Usergroups in config.php or farmconfig.php

pmwiki Besenreuther pmwiki at besenreuther.de
Mon Sep 4 17:58:20 CDT 2006


>> can anyone help me and give me a hint how I can define 
>> usergroups within config.php or farmconfig.php?
>However, I'm interested in adding one -- what would you want
>it to look like?  In other words, what sort of thing would you
>expect to be able to put in config.php or farmconfig.php to
>make this work?

I'll try to explain:

I want to set up a Wiki-Farm with following strukture:
- Farm-Wiki with all configuration
 - Project1-Wiki only with $WikiTitle and $CookiePrefix in config.php
 - Project2-Wiki only with $WikiTitle and $CookiePrefix in config.php
 - Project3-Wiki only with $WikiTitle and $CookiePrefix in config.php
 - Project4-Wiki only with $WikiTitle and $CookiePrefix in config.php
 - and so on

In the project-wikis I will have the following chapter, structured in groups:
- User manual (public, maybe a group as editor)
- FAQ / News / etc. (public, also maybe one group for editing)
- Project specification (one group for reading and one for editing)
- Operating manual (one group for reading and one for editin)

The configuration runs, but only if I define all users and groups 
in project1/Site.AuthUser. So there is no way to get the user
managed on one place (e.q. formconfig.php, mysql, others)

It doesn't work with users coming from farmconfig.php or mysql

So I think it would be very eligible to define the users and groups
in farmconfig.php, like this:
$AuthUser['nancy'] = crypt('nancyspassword');
$AuthUser['bart'] = crypt('bartspassword');
$AuthGroup['proj1_ps_read'] = array('nancy','bart','me', ...);
$AuthGroup['proj1_ps_edit'] = array('bart','me', ...);

Then it would be possible to manage the page authorisation in a
easy way by defining group authorisation in the file:

I hope you got an idea what I am thinking about. Hope I could tell
it in a way that you get the imagination about what's necessary.

Thanks for help.


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