[pmwiki-users] wikiform problem in 2.1.18

John Rankin john.rankin at affinity.co.nz
Tue Sep 5 00:41:46 CDT 2006

On Tuesday, 5 September 2006 5:00 PM, Bellave Jayaram <bellavejayaram at cox.net> wrote:
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>> <bellavejayaram at cox.net> wrote:
>> >I am trying to use the wikiform recipe in pmwiki 2.1.18 using the 
>> >Templates option but when I put (:wikiform:), all I am seeing is the 
>> >Submit button. I do have the MarkupExtensions recipe which 
>> the wikiform 
>> >requires.
>> > 
>> >Has anyone else seen this problem in 2.1.18?
>> > 
>> >Could someone suggest what I need to do to fix my problem?
>> - does it work correctly with an older version of PmWiki?
>I don't know if it works in older versions - I will check other versions
>when I am at work tomorrow and let you know.
>> - can you provide a link to the FormTemplate page or describe
>>   exactly how the form is set up?
>Unfortunately, providing a link is not possible but the FormTemplate page is
>set up exactly as in the WikiFormSample page on pmwiki.org.

This makes it difficult. Can you reproduce the problem on a public wiki,
by any chance? Otherwise, debugging this could take some time.

Go to a page that has the (:wikiform:) directive on it.
Does action=diag tell you anything useful about what might be wrong?

Try a View Source and see exactly what html is being generated for the form.

Is there any password security in place that may be preventing it from
reading the template page?

It sounds as if it's not able to read the form template page.

>> - on the FormTemplate page, there should be a View Form
>>   link; what happens when you click this?
>The Form displays correctly when the View Form is clicked.

OK that means the form code is working and generating the form. Good!

John Rankin

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