[pmwiki-users] wikiform problem in 2.1.18

Bellave Jayaram bellavejayaram at cox.net
Tue Sep 5 00:00:10 CDT 2006

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> <bellavejayaram at cox.net> wrote:
> >I am trying to use the wikiform recipe in pmwiki 2.1.18 using the 
> >Templates option but when I put (:wikiform:), all I am seeing is the 
> >Submit button. I do have the MarkupExtensions recipe which 
> the wikiform 
> >requires.
> > 
> >Has anyone else seen this problem in 2.1.18?
> > 
> >Could someone suggest what I need to do to fix my problem?
> - does it work correctly with an older version of PmWiki?

I don't know if it works in older versions - I will check other versions
when I am at work tomorrow and let you know.

> - can you provide a link to the FormTemplate page or describe
>   exactly how the form is set up?
Unfortunately, providing a link is not possible but the FormTemplate page is
set up exactly as in the WikiFormSample page on pmwiki.org.
> - on the FormTemplate page, there should be a View Form
>   link; what happens when you click this?

The Form displays correctly when the View Form is clicked.


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