[pmwiki-users] simpleforum

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Mon Sep 4 09:30:24 CDT 2006

Monday, September 4, 2006, 2:07:54 PM, Florian wrote:

> we are trying to implement a little online encyclopedia with pmwiki.
> since we do not want to have something some kind of discussion
> tab,  we want to offer a little forum where people can create new
> topic or discuss on certain articles. In order to do this we use the
> simpleforum recipe and this works fine. But right now we would like
> to add some extra functionality. It would be nice to have a Forum
> topic for each article. So on the aticle page we need a link to the
> corresponding topic in the forum. If this topic already exists, this
> is really easy. But if not,the edit form appears. it would be great
> if topic is generated automatically. Could anybody tell me how i
> could add such a functionality?

On the article page, whatever group it is in, add markup:
(:newforumtopic base=Forum.Forum:)

This will let users create a topic in the Forum group, even from a
different group.

If your topic page names in the forum are the same as the article page
name, you could do:

(:if !exists Forum.{$Name}:)
(:newforumtopic base=Forum.Forum label='Add new topic':)
(:if exists Forum.{$Name}:)[[Forum.{$Name}|See Discussion about

This will show a topic creation box if the topic does not exist,
otherwise show the link to the forum topic.

If your forum topics have the article page name in their name, but a
different ending, you could modify the above by appending the ending
to {$Name}, like {$Name}-Discussion


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