[pmwiki-users] It can't be that slow.....can it?

rolf deenen rdeenen at home.nl
Sun Sep 3 16:30:55 CDT 2006


Recently i installed pmwiki on my trusty home server. It's an old
Pentium 233 compaq PC, loaded with trustix 2.2. This means: Apache 2.0
and php 5.0.5 . After installing it I was going through the supplied
documentation and i noticed it was really slow. I clocked the time
between clicking the "PmWiki FAQ" and it being actually displayed and
it took about 10 - 11 seconds .
I was wondering? Am i doing something wrong, or what options do i have to
speed things up a bit. I've read the FAQ and did find a note stating it
is not the fastest wiki, but it's fast enough. Well, not for me it
appears. Do other people, perhaps on the same hardware, experience the

Thanks in advance,
Rolf Deenen

PS. I have run more applications on my server (for example: wordpress,
jaws, dokuwiki, cowiki) and all had acceptable speed. The hardware
should be sufficient.
PPS. I really hope there's a way around this. Apart from the speed
issue, pmwiki seems to fit me perfect.

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