[pmwiki-users] wiki.d special files (.pageindex & Co.)

kirpi at kirpi.it kirpi at kirpi.it
Sun Sep 3 10:35:41 CDT 2006

I'm about to move (with ftp) various files from wiki.d in one site to
wiki.d in another site.
As far I know this is a save move.
My questions are:
- is it safe to manually rename, say Music.GiuseppeVerdi to Opera.GiuseppeVerdi?
- some hidden files populate wiki.d
  - .pageindex
  - .notifylist
  - .lastmod
  - .linkindex
  - .flock
What should I do with them? As far as I know .pageindex can safely be
deleted, and it will be rebuilt. But I don't know of the others.

Thank you


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