[pmwiki-users] Notebook-NT-Skin - some more tests

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Sun Sep 3 06:26:55 CDT 2006

Sunday, September 3, 2006, 3:46:30 AM, Henrik wrote:

> Please feel free to set up this pmwiki-div skin (my name for it) in a
> test area (or let me know how/where), and you can test it/ try to break
> it to your heart's content.

> Hope you find this helpful or at least interesting.

> I have been using these techniques for years (and dufferinpark.ca is
> table-less), so I think there's a good chance this will work well. More
> than a prototype, still needs testing before deployment.

I set up a cookbook page for it, marked
"prototype for further testing":

with a download link for the zip file

I modified the template according to my last post, i.e.
put the general layout style definitions into two separate css files.

Pm, could you enable it there?

If I am jumping ahead too fast please change/delete the page,
but I think it is basically sound and working well.


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