[pmwiki-users] Workflow alerts (e-mail) based on certain value has changed yes or no

Hsing-Foo Wang hsingfoo at gmail.com
Sat Sep 2 18:43:03 CDT 2006

Thanks for the reply.

> >
> > 1. Person A fills out a form on a wiki page and sets the field status to '1'
> > 2. An e-mail is send to person B because the field status is '1'
> > 3. Person B edits the field status and sets it to '2'
> > 4. An e-mail is send to person A with an alert that field 'status' has changed
> #2 and #4 seem to be saying something different; #2 says that B receives
> a response because the status is 1, while #4 says that A receives
> a response because the status changed.  Is it one or the other or both?

You're right, my bad. Let's assume we have the field 'status' and when
the value of 'status' is changed an e-mail is trigered off to a
predefined e-mail address. Preferebly these e-mail address(es) can be
maintained on a wiki page with a special markup.

> Cron only has to be involved if the wiki isn't accessed frequently
> or if it's very important that notifications be sent at specific
> times.  Otherwise the email triggers can be detected and occur
> when PmWiki is activated by a person normally accessing the site
> (this is how the Notify capability works).

Correct, it is very important to check on set intervals. Next to this,
if a status has NOT been changed within xxx hours, an e-mail
notify/reminder should be send off to, again, a pre-defined e-mail

In this case, I want a person to take action within 48hrs after a
certain value changes (the field 'status' in this case). If he/she
doesn't, an e-mail should be send out to an e-mail address as an alert
or 'heads up'.


> Of course, even if cron *is* involved it's not difficult --
> we just have cron issue a "wget" or similar command to invoke
> the desired action within the wiki.

:-) Pm knows many things, I do not, but I will try.

> Pm

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