[pmwiki-users] Cron question (was Newsletter throttling)

marc gmane at auxbuss.com
Mon Oct 30 03:08:26 CST 2006

The Editor said...
> OK!  I have my newsletter functions sketched out, and I'm leaning
> towards cron.  I've discovered how to set up an action.  Very simple
> question though:
> How do you write news.php so when cron calls the file it executes
> code.  Something like this, with direct commands?  Or do I have to put
> it in a web page and call the php. Or something else entirely.  First
> time I've ever done anything in php outside of pmwiki, and first time
> in cron.
> <?php
> $var = "";
> DoStep("1");
> DoStep("2");
> ...
> function DoStep($x) {
>      ...
>      }

Try these



I haven't read them, but it should get you started. Or try googling 
"cron running php"


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