[pmwiki-users] WikiTrail enhancement request

Martin Fick mogulguy at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 27 13:52:18 CDT 2006

--- Dominique Faure <dominique.faure at gmail.com> wrote:

> (1) Conceptually, I don't see any differences
> between pagelists and
> wiki trails, and allowing "include" syntax in trails
> is similar to
> using filtering parameters to pagelists.

Ah, but see, you already can if you simply don't use
the default wikitrail markups and instead us pagelist
to define them.  See the DynamicTrails recipe, I think
that with some creative applications, it can solve
most of the issues that you are having.

> As a practical sample:
> I maintain a local copy of (almost) all wiki pages I
> 1st authored on pmwiki.org in my own development 
> installation, noticeably Profiles.Dfaure, 
> Cookbook.MonobookSkin,... ...thus, I want to have 
> exactly the same page content at pmwiki.org and at 
> home.

> In the Profiles.Dfaure page, I'm enumerating both my
> recipe and skin contributions in two separate lists.
> Most of the Cookbook skin related pages begin by
> including a Cookbook.SkinsHeader page which provides

> the <<|[[(Cookbook.)Skins]]|>> trail.
> So, I wanted to define my own local Cookbook.Skins
> and Cookbook.SkinsHeader pages as:
> [Cookbook.Skins] (:include Profiles.Dfaure#skins:)
> [Cookbook.SkinsHeader] <<|Skins ->
> Profiles.Dfaure#skins|>>
> In order to have all working as expected (but with
> some limitations
> I'll describe later).

First, a question: why would this not work for you?

[Cookbook.SkinsHeader] <<|Skins -> Profiles.Dfaure|>>

In other words, are there other trail like links on
your Profiles page that would interfere?

If "yes", then is there a simple logical way to filter
them out with a pagelist i.e. something like:

(:pagelist trail=Profiles.Dfaure group=Skins:)

If "yes" again, then simply use that pagelist as the
basis of your trail markup in [Cookbook.SkinsHeader]. 
So instead of <<|Skins -> Profiles.Dfaure#skins|>>,

(:pagelist trail=Profiles.Dfaure group=Skins
fmt=#trail  Trail=Cookbook.Skins :)

and a template like this:
(:if equal {$FullName}
{=$FullName}:)[[{<$FullName}|+]] | [[{$$Trail}]] |

This template takes advantage of the new pagelist
{$$option} syntax to set your trail page.  This is
only avaiable in the current beta series.

I hope that it useful or at least gets you thinking of
new ways to make trails, :)


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